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Class Rooms

All the class rooms are spaciously designed and well furnished with necessary technical teaching aids.

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Our Laboratory is well equipped and well furnished for smooth conduct of experiments.

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  • Library is open beyond working hours of the institute for the benefit of students.
  • Books of all subjects are issued to students till their end term (annual /semester) along with table issue for short term.
  • Reprographic facilities are also available in the library.
  • Library is equipped with
    • Text Books, Guide books and Reference books of curriculum
    • Both international and national level journals and periodicals.
    • News Papers
    • Project Reports
    • Scientific abstracts
    • Laboratory manuals
    • SOPs of Pharmaceutical Equipments
    • Dissertation
    • Class Notes
    • Question Papers
    • News Clipping Services
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Information Center

The information service is one part of library which provides more than adequate database for literature survey to be carries out by the students as follows.

  • CD-ROM for British Pharmacopoeia with CD 2005, USP (United states Pharmacopoeia) with CD :2006, European Pharmacopoeia with CD :2005 – 07, International Pharmacopoeia :2006 etc
  • Reprographic Service
  • Online Service
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Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall attract students always to facilitate the group learning of advance studies and interaction between guest resource personnel. There is more than 100 seated seminar hall inside the campus.

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Neat and cleanliness is given highest priority in our college canteen. We provide hygienic food to our students. Both veg and non-veg items are prepared in our canteen. The canteen is supervised by one of our faculty member along with student mess committee.

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The college possesses a museum exhibiting more than 100 crude drugs, herbarium sheets, Botanical specimens, Charts of drugs, Colored slides of medicinal plant, patent medicines and containers of common usage in medicines.

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Medicinal Garden

The institution has established a medicinal garden to teach students about the evaluation extraction of drugs obtained from plant sources.

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The campus has been facilitated with widespread outdoor area for cricket, Volleyball and foot ball.